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SND is a privately owned and operated.  We are located on 43.5 acres in the beautiful hills of South Central Kentucky.   SND works closely with Sassafras Caspians, located 45 minutes away, to offer you an exquisite, rare, and endangered Horse, called the Caspian.

Caspian Horses are used for many different disciplines like, jumping, driving, obstacles, halter, Western, English, and contesting.   It is amazing the versatility that this breed has! Don’t let their size fool you, standing between 10 and 12.2 HH this truly amazing breed has lots of stamina. To visit SND or Sassafras Caspians, please visit our website at SND Caspians, and click on the “contact us” tab located at the top of the screen.

SND Caspians

841 Smith Creek Rd.

Tompkinsville, KY.   42167

(270)-819-0182    [email protected]


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Sassafras Caspians

Summer Shade, KY.

(270)-428-5538    [email protected]


Azad Caspians

Azad Caspians is a small breeding farm producing purebred and part-bred Caspian performance ponies. The athleticism, beauty, and trainability of the Caspian make it a great sport horse for children. See our website to view Azad Caspian breeding stock and young stock, including horses for sale. Continue reading Azad Caspians

Enterprise Farms

riding-caspian_Enterprise Farms

In 1996, while attending Equitana in Louisville, Kentucky, Gene Gilbert, owner of Enterprise Farms, saw her first Caspian horse. These tiny horses, long thought to be extinct, were rediscovered in Iran by an American, Louise Firouz, in 1965. These little horses are neither ponies nor miniature horses. They combine all of the features of a horse with the size of a pony. Continue reading Enterprise Farms



Here at Sunset Ridge Ranch, located in the mountains of the San Francisco Peninsula, we have purebred Caspian horses, trained “naturally”, with Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods. We purchased our first Caspians in 2002 for our daughter. We quickly fell in love with this wonderful breed of horses. We had our first foal in 2003. After several unsuccessful attempts at long distance breeding, we purchased our own stallion, Kristull Qantum Leap (pictured here). Qantum has proven to be an excellent sire. Continue reading SUNSET RIDGE RANCH