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The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas was incorporated in 1994 to promote and protect the Caspian Horse in North and South America.  The CHSA maintains the Official Caspian Horse Breed Registry and Stud Book in the Western Hemisphere.

It is the purpose and responsibility of the Caspian Horse Society of the Americas Official Registry  to preserve the blood line integrity of the purebred Caspian horse.  The Registry pursues this commitment by registering purebred Caspian horses, maintaining permanent records and engaging in activities which aid, promote, and foster the preservation and betterment of the purebred Caspian horses and the Caspian breed.

The Registry is a record keeping organization which maintains the official registration and ownership records for purebred Caspian horses in the Western Hemisphere, as well as maintaining the purity of the Caspian breed through many programs it coordinates, including blood typing, pedigrees, stud books and forms for use by Caspian owners and breeders.

The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas (CHSA) is the only Caspian horse registry for the United States approved by the International Caspian Society (ICS).   The CHSA maintains the A Caspian registry, for Purebred Caspians and a B registry for Part bred Caspians.

The CHSA Registry has within the Purebred A register two sections, Section 1 (Registration List) using the prefix USA for Caspian foals born within  the United States territories and Section 2 (Census List) using the prefix CHSA for Caspians imported into the United States territories and have been previously registered with an approved ICS registry.  The Caspians in Section 2 (Census List) will retain their original registration number assigned by the registry of  the territory in which they were born, but will be required to file for a Census Listing with the CHSA Registry  for the purposes of stallion reports, AI requests, embryo transfer requests, micro-chipping, blood typing, etc.

The Certificate of Registration

The term A Purebred Caspian, which appears on every Certificate of Registration for the Purebred section, has a very significant meaning, it is the only universally accepted indication of purity within the horse community.  The strict rules for registration require that the horse be of pure Caspian blood as verified by its pedigree.  The Caspian horse that is issued a Certificate of Registration proves that it possesses the purest bloodlines and their pedigree can be traced to the Louise Firouz Iranian Foundation Lines.

Corporation Status

The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas (CHSA), was incorporated May 26th, 1994 to provide an organization to promote the Caspian breed and to maintain a permanent registry in the Western Hemisphere.  The CHSA is chartered under the laws of the State of Texas as a non-profit organization.

As a corporation, the CHSA Registry is governed by a Board of Directors.  The officers,  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, are elected by the membership. The Registrar reports directly to the Board.

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