Caspian Breed


The eyes of the Caspian are almond shape, large, dark, set low and prominent, a graceful neck, supple and with a fine throat latch.

The head possesses a vaulted forehead, slight concave appearance to the face, prominent jaw bones and large nostrils set low on a fine muzzle. The ears are short and turned in.

The body is slim with a deep girth, close coupled, with well defined hindquarters. Long sloping shoulders, slender limbs with dense flat bones.

The hooves are oval shape, with an extremely strong wall and sole. These horses are rarely shod even under the most extreme conditions.

The Caspian horse has a silky, fine coat, often with an iridescent sheen in the summer, the mane and tail grow uniquely long and silky.

The colors that are prominent are bay, gray, chestnut  and occasionally black. Grays can go through many shades of greying before maturity.

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