About Caspians

Photo Credit Bob Langrish Photography
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  • The Caspian horse is pony size (10 to 12 hh) but is in fact a purebred horse. The genetic testing of blood-type and bone structure conclude that the Caspian is a forerunner to the hot-blooded horses of today. It exhibits the fine build of the Thoroughbred and the beauty and endurance of the Arabian. This breed has prepotent genes for smooth movement, quiet temperament, and extreme athleticism.
  • The Caspian breed is known to be incredibly versatile. They are natural jumpers and are especially suited for children, because their conformation, gaits and temperament is like that of small horses, rather than a pony.
  • The Caspian is also well suited to be an elegant harness horse. Their acceleration, maneuverability, endurance and intelligence bring them considerable success in the show ring.

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