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It is the purpose and responsibility of the Caspian Horse Society of the Americas Official Registry to preserve the blood line integrity of the purebred Caspian horse. The Registry pursues this commitment by registering purebred Caspian horses, maintaining permanent records and engaging in activities which aid, promote, and foster the preservation and betterment of the purebred Caspian horses and the Caspian breed.
Upcoming AGM Reminder

The 2014 AGM is on Staurday, September 20, 2014 from 2 p...read more

For your information:

For your information: The June 2014 Equus Magazine has an article entitled The Arabian Horse located on pages 61 - 72...read more

Minutes Now Available For Board of Directors Monthly Meetings

Minutes of the CHSA Board of Directors monthly meetings are now available on the Members section of the website...read more

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